Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not much to post

Well to be quite honest with everything that has been happing this week I haven't really been too concentrated on working out (even though I did get a few in). I have not lost BUT I have not gained either, I guess a little bit of the good(no weight gain) with the bad (no weight loss). I guess we will see where next week leads me, probably going to be another tuff week with everything that is going to and is going to possibly be taking place.
Weight: Still 168 (see cant brake it for nothing)
Goals: To look past the what if's and keep moving fwd.
Prayer requests: Everything will be ok with my HSG and my MRI Oh AND my blood drawing again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


That is what I found out I am. I have not posted yet due to the fact that I am VERY upset with myself. Through the process of getting life INS. for me (and Rob too) I found out that I yes I have high cholesterol. It is not so high that I have to be put on meds or anything like that, in fact it is border line high, like I just hit the high point. Well point is, is I DON'T WANT IT TO BE HIGH. I want it to be normal just like ever thing else. So due to my "High cholesterol" it is going to add $8.00 onto our bill every month. WAY TO GO BRITT!!! WHOO. NOT. My hubby said that at least we caught it before it got higher OR the fact that I am still in my mid 20's is a plus because at least it is easier to do something about it rather then when I am 40's. Oh well. Well this week has been REALLY CRAPY for me. My brother has been in town so workouts (other then playing the Wii) have not happened. Also the fact that I cant breath through my nose has played a little bit into my not working out too. But the biggest "excuse" is the fact the Bubba is in town and I have been running him back and forth to his Basketball games that are an hour to and an hour back from my house. So I am just going to chalk this week to a lost cause and get back on my horse this weekend after Brad leaves. My hubby gave me some motivation though this week. He carpeted half of my garage and set my work out equipment up for me all nice and net!!! THANKS BABE:P

Weight: God only knows right now.
Prayer: I get better from this head cold, I get a workout partner back, and I get my hinnie in gear!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Slim Down Sunday.... Tired

That is what I am. I have busted my butt this week with working out and watched EVERYTHING to a tee that went into my mouth. I am trying to not let anything bad go in there. There have been a few things here and there that have snuk there way in there but I have made my workout that day just a little more intense to make up for it. I have found myself at Barns and Nobel a few times this week just wanting to sit and read a book but BOTH times I went there I found myself going straight to the running magazine called Women's Running. Let me tell you I LOVE IT!!! Rob and I have been working on not spending money where money doesn't need to be spent but I just got SUCKED into this magazine. I finally broke down and bought it just because I was intrigued by it, the biggest thing that caught me was the Half-Marathon training for busy women!!! If you don't know already I plan on trying to do this Half-Marathon with Hollie and Beth in Oct this year. So needless to say I have NEVER in my life ran something like this so I need to train for it!! So I bought it and have gotten some VERY much needed information!! But anyways back to this week I did good!! I stepped on my scale when I got home from IL and I was standing at 169.8 and this morning when I stepped on the scale I was at 168.2, so just over a pound and a half for my first week of working out and watching what I eat!! It also helps that I have a work out partner now!! We are BOTH wanting to loss our weight so I have a good motivator now who gets out there and goes with me!!

Goals this week: Keep watching what I am eating, Mix a little bit of running into my 3 mile walks with Lisa in the mornings, and get onto my elliptical at least 3 times in the afternoons this week.

Weeks starting weight: 168.2 (This is where I always hit my slump and cant dip below this number for some reason so I am pushing HARD this week)

Needed prayer: I start school this week so it is going to be an added challenge for my morning work out. I was working out with my friend when our kids where at school but now I will be going to school at that time so I am kinda losing out on a "free" work out time.