Sunday, January 4, 2009

Slim Down Sunday.... Tired

That is what I am. I have busted my butt this week with working out and watched EVERYTHING to a tee that went into my mouth. I am trying to not let anything bad go in there. There have been a few things here and there that have snuk there way in there but I have made my workout that day just a little more intense to make up for it. I have found myself at Barns and Nobel a few times this week just wanting to sit and read a book but BOTH times I went there I found myself going straight to the running magazine called Women's Running. Let me tell you I LOVE IT!!! Rob and I have been working on not spending money where money doesn't need to be spent but I just got SUCKED into this magazine. I finally broke down and bought it just because I was intrigued by it, the biggest thing that caught me was the Half-Marathon training for busy women!!! If you don't know already I plan on trying to do this Half-Marathon with Hollie and Beth in Oct this year. So needless to say I have NEVER in my life ran something like this so I need to train for it!! So I bought it and have gotten some VERY much needed information!! But anyways back to this week I did good!! I stepped on my scale when I got home from IL and I was standing at 169.8 and this morning when I stepped on the scale I was at 168.2, so just over a pound and a half for my first week of working out and watching what I eat!! It also helps that I have a work out partner now!! We are BOTH wanting to loss our weight so I have a good motivator now who gets out there and goes with me!!

Goals this week: Keep watching what I am eating, Mix a little bit of running into my 3 mile walks with Lisa in the mornings, and get onto my elliptical at least 3 times in the afternoons this week.

Weeks starting weight: 168.2 (This is where I always hit my slump and cant dip below this number for some reason so I am pushing HARD this week)

Needed prayer: I start school this week so it is going to be an added challenge for my morning work out. I was working out with my friend when our kids where at school but now I will be going to school at that time so I am kinda losing out on a "free" work out time.


  1. Awesome work! What are you going to school for???

  2. I am going to school for Raidograh, an ultra sound tech!! I CANT WIAT!!

  3. Great job Brit! I'll be praying for you this week! :0)

  4. You're doing GREAT Britt! I especially like how you added a "needed prayer" section! You'll have to try and work something out with Lisa when you're not in school. Since Beth and I can't get outside... (I hate snow) we will take turns on my treadmill. She'll get on the mill and I will do a workout DVD then we switch. Maybe you could do something like that. Keep at it mama! I''m proud of you!